To prioritize making sure the wiring for the swap is done cleanly, I purchased a standalone LS3 harness from PSIConversion. This should help consolidate the fuse boxes and allow for a simpler install. The plan is to obviate redundant fuses and relays from the chassis harness and tuck the rest.


The provided convoluted tubing was too basic in aesthetics, so I picked up a set of Painless PowerBraid to rewrap the harness. However, the process of removing the old tubing, fitting in the PowerBraid, and redoing all the joints was definitely NOT painless. The task was so tedious it took me more than 4 hours to complete. Was it worth it? I’m not sure, but I don’t want to do it again.


Complimenting the in-tank Bosch 044 assembly from Overview IV, I have a Hyperion surge tank cover. In the RX-7’s fuel tank, there is a small, plastic “tank” that the fuel pump hangs over. The downside is this tank is 4 walls with no top. Being uncovered allows fuel to slosh over during higher G turns and creates a starvation issue. The Hyperion cover will help contain the fuel inside the tank and minimize spillage.


For the shifter, I will be ditching the stock Camaro unit in favor of this MGW short shifter.


This is the epitome of fine machine work, almost all of it is from billet aluminum. The linkages may need to be shortened and re-welded accordingly in order to center the shift knob in the tunnel’s opening.

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