I had the mounting components from Samberg powdercoated in Red, taking inspiration from Ducati trellis frames. If I’m going to have the entire front subframe changed out, I want it to be recognizable with a bit of flash appeal.


Marcus also redid and straightened the Wilwood clutch master cylinder pushrod, which Hinson modified to be crooked.


The Samberg kit included new eccentric camber plates that needed to be welded onto the bolts, which were fully tig’d on.



The larger plates should allow for an increased range of adjustment.


Instead of dealing with crating and shipping the 13B-REW, I did the next best thing – trade it locally for a set of Ohlins DFV coilovers. I worked the trade with Heath from Sakebomb Garage, and he dropped off the Ohlins when he came to the shop to pick up the motor.


The Swedes know suspension…


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