Both the front subframe/engine and rear subframe/differential are installed. Work is now focusing on the smaller items on the to-do list. This portion is all detail-oriented and deservedly requires the most time due to its inherent tediousness.

Here is a snippet of some of the progress that has been recently made, as this swap creeps towards the finish line.

Marcus cleaned up the thermostat housing by welding up and blocking the heater coolant nipples. After consideration, I decided to obviate the heater lines and plan to eventually remove the heater core entirely from under the dash. With the air conditioning removed already, this was the next progressive step. Since my RX-7 is principally a fair weather car and I live in California, I foresee no requirement for a heater. Now there is no need to worry about the heater core leaking.


AN fittings were welded onto the valve covers. This is part of a sub-project to improve crankcase ventilation. The PCV will be obviated and an externally mounted vented catch can will be routed in.


Keeping in theme with the generous reliance on AN fittings, the crossover tube at the front of the engine was optimized as well. Before, there was a rubber line that was awkwardly routed in a loop (see the penultimate picture in this post: radiator overview).


The location of the proportioning valve had to be revised due to clearance issues with the LS3. New lines were bent and the valve was positioned further upwards.


Lastly, here’s an overview of the Samberg radiator setup in the engine bay.


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