As the weeks slide by, I can feel my anticipations and anxieties starting to swell. I am having to consciously suppress images of myself terrorizing the streets of the Bay Area with tire smoking abandon, for that time is not yet ready.

Nonetheless, progress can’t be rushed and the waiting should hopefully help make the finished product that much sweeter. Now, to catch up with recent developments. Marcus finished measuring and mounting on the transmission brace. The TR6060 transmission has a different tailhousing which required a modified bracket to be fabricated to mount up with the bushing and brace.


Next, the 2 arms from the MGW Short Shifter and the shifter linkage were measured and cut to move the assembly into the optimal position in the tunnel opening. Otherwise, the shifter would have been mounted too far aft with the TR6060.


The MGW arms feature a straight section, which made the shortening work easier. The cuts had to be exact in order to insure that the arms are the same lengths for proper installation.


Arms and linkage welded back together:


Shifter installed:


With the transmission sorted, the driveshaft could then be installed.


Here’s a closer look at the trick CV joint…


The crankcase venting and PCV elimination sub-project as suggested from the previous post will tie into this aluminum vented catch can, near the position of where the ABS pump was.


Marcus also took the time to change out various fasteners in the engine bay with nicer, stainless steel allen heads.


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