FINALLY, progress. The car has admittedly been sitting mostly idle inside the shop while other matters came up. Marcus is in the process of opening another, larger shop and has likely been spending most of his time there setting it up. I know extended wait times come with the territory with these large scale projects, but the push towards completion needs to be strong.

Attention has been returned to the car and the exhaust system is now fabricated and installed. It consists of 3″ stainless piping coming off the headers’ v-bands into a y-pipe and Borla muffler. At the other end of the muffler is a single 3.5″ section to a 4″ tip – race style.


Everything is Tig welded together.


The “catback” section has an additional v-band.


Making the cone to adapt the 4″ tip to the exhaust piping:


With only 1 muffler in the entire system, I can only guess that this will be on the louder side.


Here is what the catch can lines look like routed in the engine bay:


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