With the tune, the way the car pulls now is even more savage than before. Granted, power and torque was abundant right from the beginning, but the tune really helped translate that power into an even more linear scope. This is one of the reasons why I am just not a turbo guy (aside from the added complications) – no boost lag is a convenience that you can’t easily forget.

I never thought I’d say this, but I feel that the car is finally nearing completion. While you can never be 100% done with something like this, I’d say that I’ve finally broken into the 90% territory. About time since 90% of the car is essentially different or upgraded.

I am turning my attention to working out a few minor bugs:

  1. Occasionally, the ignition requires a couple tries before the starter engages. It has never failed to start, so the problem is either with the ignition switch, a relay, or possibly a need for more grounding.
  2. I would prefer that the clutch engages a bit higher. Might switch the Wilwood clutch master cylinder for a slightly larger bore.
  3. The way the fuel pump is priming on key on needs to be tweaked.
  4. Coolant temperature gauge still does not work. It is for certain that the LS3 performs exceedingly well temperature wise. I have been relying on the added digital oil temperature gauge in the glovebox as a crutch. Oil temps have never gone higher than 210* Fahrenheit, even after back-to-back dyno pulls.

The solution I have in mind for point #4 is going to be far grander than the simple fix that’s required… but that’s for another post.

Reverting to point #1, I purchased a new ignition switch to see if that would solve the issue. Furthermore, replacing the ignition switch is good maintenance, regardless. The way I bought the ignition switch is quite interesting. I purchased an “aftermarket” Beck / Arnley ignition switch from Newegg.com (yes, the computer retailer) of all places. While the Beck / Arnley part was almost half the price of Mazda, my intentions were not to skimp…

Upon receiving the switch, the words Made in Japan are curiously labeled.


Take a guess what lay inside – an OEM Mazda part!


Replacing the ignition switch was an easy affair and can be accessed by removing the steering column’s surround.


Next, I took the time to give the car another oil change. Although there was only a couple hundred miles on the engine, I figured it would be beneficial to do so anyway given the dyno tuning. I’ve either become spoiled and reluctant, or simply lazy… but I refuse to lift my car with floor jacks and jack stands anymore. I brought the RX-7 over to a buddy’s shop after hours to do the oil change.



I never thought I would bring my car anywhere outside of home for washing… but those self-wash coin car places are great. I obviously don’t use the brushes or make any contact with the paint, I just use the sprayer and soap gun to rinse.


Much more efficient than using a garden hose, in my opinion. Even the foaming gun that I bought for my hose doesn’t cut it, you need the higher water pressures as well.

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