More finishing work continues on the trim pieces.

Ultra-thin coat of pinhole filler:



Blocked down with 180-Grit:



A texture coating and then blocked down again for referencing:


One more time to get it perfectly straight:


Final texture coat, waiting on the color topcoat now:






It is nice to witness all of the shavings and fillings come closer to the end product. For the trim pieces in question, a texturized/wrinkled finish has been added to give the interior a touch of differentiation. This is unlike my previous refinishing direction and the pieces currently in the car, where everything was painted smooth and glossy.

This time, I’m going for a more sedated and interior-like look.

5 thoughts on “Interior Project by Broadfield Customs Part II

  1. Sup Eric its been a while I see you’ve updated your site…..again lol!
    Looking good as usual your FDLSX is also looking amazing man! If you ever plan to sell your glossy interior bits keep me in mind! I finally got the alternator I bought off you installed. My little project is finally coming together.
    Talk to ya soon man take care!

    Wendell –

    1. Glad you checked back in Wendell. And yep, I abandoned the idea of forums permanently and decided to bring back the blog and overhaul it at the same time.

      I actually am going to be selling my glossy interior pieces. If you’re interested, shoot me an email through here or send me a PM on RX7Club :)

        1. Oops! I just realized that a setting was off in my Contact form. Could you please send me your mail again? I didn’t get it. eric [at]

  2. I did a similar thing to my interior bits and used the wrinkle coating by VHT. I was wondering what you used as I like the finish of yours a little bit better.

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