With the stereo surround and shifter console pieces filled in and prepped, attention was turned back to the gauge fascia. This is where the money making happens.

Picking up from before, more sanding and smoothing… and scribing:



Cutout made:



More filler and smoothing:



Wrinkle finish applied:


Painted grey with the new AiM MXG dash mocked up:


I will save the elaboration of the dash itself for a later date. In the meantime, I’m focusing these posts around Toby’s custom work with the trim pieces. The goal was to apply a wrinkle finish and then paint it a charcoal grey, similar to the color found in the Spirit-R interiors.

Toby painted the other pieces as well and set them up in a white photo booth. The picture below should portray the shade of grey with accurate lighting and color balance. I am still debating if this grey is a touch on the light side, so I’ve asked spray out 2 samples in slightly darker shades.


To be continued!

5 thoughts on “Interior Project by Broadfield Customs Part III

  1. Maybe this stems from a bit of OCD, but I disliked having vestigial buttons around that served no function. Since my car no longer has A/C, only the fan, I wanted all of the A/C stuff gone. The buttons/lights on the shifter console were totally useless from the factory, anyway.

    The MXG provides all the simplifying and consolidation that I was looking for, without having gauges strewn everywhere. And, it’s badass… it’s a full color TFT LED display. I’ll expand on this bit later :)

  2. Honestly this was the first build I have ever fell in love with (even though it isn’t a 240). I don’t think any one I know can build a car with as much attention to detail as you dude. This is the benchmark for my build :)

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