With the new shade of grey chosen, all of the existing pieces were resprayed. Toby finished the gauge fascia by mounting the dash with brackets and installing the momentary buttons.

The pictures below were taken in his white balanced photo booth again. The change of color can be compared to this, previously.

Up close of the HVAC panel with the A/C, gauge dimmer, and recirculation buttons removed (ignore the blemished dial graphics as I plan to replace them with my existing fresh ones, they are for mock up purposes only):



And the blanked out shifter surround in the new grey:



The AiM MXG had menu buttons located on the side of the dash, which would have been inaccessible given the flush mounting to the fascia. Luckily, AiM released a button relocation kit specifically for this purpose and could be plugged into generic momentary buttons. I purchased these subtle, metal momentary buttons and asked Toby to install them adjacent to the menu indicators.


Here is the back of the fascia with the mounting brackets affixed:


Blanked and custom flush mounted gauge fascia – completed:




Needless to say, I’m excited to finally have my hands on these pieces. I have a fair share of work ahead of me to get everything installed.

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