Another year has passed and 2015 is already in the books. I know the cadence with the car has dramatically slowed down after the LS3 swap was buttoned up. In the past year, the RX-7 mostly spent its life sitting in the garage either in a partially torn apart state or remaining idle while I was figuring out new plans and trying to bring them into materialization.

Nothing is ever done, so I should stop fooling myself thinking a figurative finish line can be crossed, as it’s all imaginary. When the LS3 swap was completed, I thought the saga had met its final chapter. Then new problems arose and bugs required fixing. These issues dictated the need for an entirely new project, the AiM Dashlogger and associated trim work.

After successfully installing the AiM, I thought I finally reached the moment I’ve been working towards all these years – having the car in a state of completeness and readiness that I could comfortably shift focus to driving more than tinkering. In my ever perpetual mission to chase perfection, I was only able to drive the car a handful of times before it was parked back into the garage and readied for a



I spotted more areas that needed addressing and, needless to say, the work is not yet done. With one list taken care of, another assumes its place. The cycle continues.


  • Replace Roll Bar
  • Reupholster Recaro Seats
  • Repaint Front Bumper
  • Rewire Fuel Pump
  • Reinstall Fender Liners
  • Fix & Tuck Relays
  • Install Driver Side Door Panel (when completed)
  • Full Polish, Sealant & Wax Detail

My plate has been quite full, recently. I’ve already made progress towards these objectives and will expand on their details soon in future posts. Let the fun begin.

2 thoughts on “Status

  1. Curious to know why you’re planning on re-upholstering the seats. I could’ve swore you had them redone in the synthetic suede just a while back. Given that limited amount of seat time you’ve had in the car, has the material already worn off that bad?

    Also, what’s wrong with the front bumper? I think you also went through a couple iterations on that guy.

    Finally, what’s wrong with the current rollbar? Has it failed or something? Very curious your rationale to these items on the to-do list.

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