I would consider this an impulse buy, but I reasoned that it would be worthwhile to have a spare or backup shift knob. Plus, relatively speaking, the Moddiction Anvil 2 shift knob is cheap. I picked this one up at $67 shipped. It has the correct brass fitting to match my MGW short shifter’s unique M12x1.75 thread pitch.


The material is stainless steel with a semi-polished brushed finish. The Anvil 2 is noticeably counterweighted and slightly heavier than my titanium WC Lathe Werks shift knob.




I like the Anvil 2 for its S2000/Type-R styled shape, which is classical and universally appropriate. In the end, I think I’m still swaying more towards the Lathe Werks shift knob and will likely use it more.

Help me decide, let me know what your opinions and preferences are between the 2!

3 thoughts on “Moddiction Anvil 2

  1. The difference in shift throw as measured at the top of the shifter will be several inches. If you want a faster shift, the Anvil2 will win every time. It’s 400g weight will smooth out even the fastest of shifts by giving your shifter more momentum with more force to carry through those quick shifts. If you don’t care about performance and don’t mind the extra throw distance and slower shifting, the titanium Lathe Werks will do.

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