It seems like every time I get a chance to detail the car and clean it up, month-long work cycles shortly follow and the once clean exterior is shortly rendered dusty again. I not only want to break the chain of LONG periods of dormancy, but I also want to be more active and stay on top of the maintenance.

From a previous post, I already washed down the car with water and dried it. In retrospect, I think it is easier to continually keep the car clean rather than let things run wild. This way, I also won’t have to actually wash the car again until it gets reasonably dirtied from driving (theoretically).

I decided to hit the car with a light polish to remove any contaminants on the surface and fill in any minor scratches. I didn’t see the need to compound the paint with an abrasive swirl remover because I already did that before and I will save the job for a future instance. For this detailing, I picked up a fresh supply of quality microfiber towels and a new set of 5.5″ Lake Country Hydro-Tech flat pads.


I stepped down from the previous 6.5″ size for better application control and feedback. These are the products of choice that I used. Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, and Pinnacle Souverän wax.


Making the passes with the random orbiter…


Even with this abbreviated detailing session, it was still a long process. But it’s always worth it, and mandatory when your paintwork is excellent because otherwise it won’t show.

Not only is my car finally clean again, but it shines radiantly and the mirror effect is deeper than the depths of the ocean…





Keeping up with a Black colored car is an uphill battle, but is definitely the most rewarding when you can stay on top of that hill.

Crossing off the list…


  • Replace Roll Bar
  • Reupholster Recaro Seats
  • Repaint Front Bumper
  • Rewire Fuel Pump
  • Reinstall Fender Liners
  • Fix & Tuck Relays
  • Install Driver Side Door Panel
  • Fix Intermittent Starting
  • Full Polish, Sealant & Wax Detail

Now the most important part remains: to consistently take the car out and perform long-term testing. I’ve driven almost 200 miles in the past month, which is a lot when considering the fact that I cumulatively added only about 1500 miles in over 3-1/2 years. It took a tremendous amount of work and patience to knock out everything from this list, so the priority is to ensure no further problems crop up and I can certify the car to be robust.

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