Technically, I wasn’t quite 100% finished with the Miracle Cross Bar install. With the lower brace in position, the trim caps that go over the rear struts would no longer fit… without modification.

Being fatigued with the endless amount of work over the past few months (and having a yearning for it all to be over) drained my motivation to finish strong. I knew covering up the exposed strut towers would be a worthwhile touch, so I more or less begrudgingly gave it an effort.

My original trim caps were already cut up to fit the Samberg Roll Bar, so I included those with the roll bar when I sold it. I then preemptively purchased a used pair of caps, only to decide that they were slightly more worn than what I would like in my car. Tossing those aside, I purchased another pair brand new from Mazda.

This is where I messed up. Since I wasn’t giving the task the attention that it deserved, I consequently made a bad cut near the end of the modification process. I then ordered yet another pair of caps from Mazda. After having paid for 3 pairs of these caps, I now found the impetus to tackle the objective with an invested amount of effort.

New trim caps #2 in the foreground, botched trim caps in the background.


I was still able to purpose the caps from the first attempt as a guide for measuring and fitting, using the Dremel to make the first cuts.


I also picked up a set of Dremel EZ Lock bits to help make life easier. Before, I had to thread on a tiny screw that looks like it came from a watch in order to attach discs. That made no sense to me. The EZ Lock design is far superior. Needing to use a Dremel at all is usually foreboding of a job that just became increasingly more difficult. Like wiring, I’ve come to accept the Dremel as part of the equation to success, and learned to foster it rather than dread it. For the most part.

After carefully making measurements for both sides and completing all the necessary cuts and shavings, I finished off the edges with a file and sandpaper.


Lastly, I bordered the edge of the caps with a rubber trim and installed them into place.



I’m definitely glad that I was able to see this through because having the caps back in place cleans up the look significantly.

While on the topic of the Miracle Cross Bar, I walked into the garage this weekend and noticed a small box with Japan Post labels on it. Upon further inspection, I realized that the kind folks at NeXT sent me a care package!


How cool is that? JDM cookies and NeXT stickers (if anyone wants either, just give me a shout)!


Dealing with the rust on the Samberg roll bar and trying to figure out a solution was difficult and arduous for me. Not only was NeXT able to come to the rescue and provide me an excellent product, the ordering process couldn’t have been easier. It really puts things into perspective when I’ve dealt with local shops that are uninterested in helping, and then there’s a shop on the other side of the ocean that will send cookies!

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