The titanium Mazdaspeed e-brake handle is a part that I’ve had on my wish list for years. After finally getting my hands on one, I started second guessing if I should actually install it, as I previously mentioned. My main concern was whether or not the light silver and matte finish of the titanium handle would match well in my interior, or if it would clash and draw attention away.

Eventually I resolved to stop being a girl and just install the damn thing. A couple people were quick to capitalize on my indecisiveness and expressed interest in the handle if I ultimately decided to not use it – sorry!

First, remove the center console and unbolt the old e-brake handle from the car.


After cleaning up the Mazdaspeed e-brake handle and applying an excessive amount of grease – as I usually do – the next step was to transfer over my alcantara boot.


The Mazdaspeed has a machined groove to allow a ziptie to sit in and hold down the boot.


Once the new handle was bolted back in, I took the opportunity to adjust the nut on the e-brake cable. To complete the install, I reinstalled the center console and shifter panel.


I still can’t get the grey color of the trim panels to capture with the correct shade on my cell phone…



Although my titanium WC Lathe Werks shift knob has a burnt, bronze finish, the mismatch is not substantially detracting. Overall, I think the e-brake handle compliments well with my more race oriented interior theme.

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