The Project Kics R40 lug nuts have been my tried and true go-tos for years. While ordering a few parts from Japan, I figured I’d try out the new Iconix versions and added them into the proverbial shopping bag.

Everyone has ricer tendencies that can be unsurfaced if you probe hard enough. One of my guilty pleasures is favoring the “pretty colors” of the Neo Chrome finish over the standard Black color. I personally think the uniqueness of the finish on a low-visibility part like lug nuts is a strategic implementation of bling.




Comparison with the old, regular R40s:



The differences are small. The weight saving holes at the top redistributes material to the lower portion of the lug body to beef up against over torquing. These Iconix lug nuts come with caps that can be threaded in and seals them into close-ended versions, but can be omitted to fit over extended studs.

Once mounted on the car, the color choice melds into a subtlety.


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