In one of my orders from Japan, I picked up a used Bride Zeta II seat for the S13.


And in one of my domestic orders, I picked up a new Bride FG seat rail.


My plan was to only run a bucket in the driver side and keep the passenger seat stock. After removing the seats and giving the interior a thorough cleaning, I started on assembling the seat rail to the Zeta. I first attached the seat to the rails with the L brackets with all of the fasteners loose. Once transferred into the car and bolted down to the chassis, I then tightened down the remainder of the fasteners.


I also took all of the seat cushions home and threw them in my washing machine. I then redid the velcro on the backsides with new hook strips.


You may have noticed from the first picture that there are 2 seat boxes. I actually bought 2 Zetas from the auctions, the other one was a purple-backed, older Zeta I that I sold off. But it did come with a Bride back pad, which I kept.



All mounted and ready to go.


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