• It’s Wet Out

    It rained most of the morning today. As I went into my garage to bleed the brakes on the CBR for the third time, I noticed the sun came out and I was in the mood to try out my camera, so I rolled out the Motard. After bleeding the CBR’s front brakes twice, the […]

    No responses October 30, 2010
  • Black & White

    I stuck on a temporary foam pad as a seat for the CBR. I wasn’t comfortable in cutting and shaping the pad to an acceptable level, so I’m going to wait for a precut seat. I also bled the front brakes again. The lever feel of the brakes are a bit too soft for my […]

    No responses October 19, 2010
  • This Cut’s Got Flavor

    Long awaited and overdue – the work on the CBR is finally at the end. I was at this stage a few weeks ago, actually, but just been slow to update on it. One day I picked up all the SharkSkinz fairings from the paint shop. The color is a super white with a subtle […]

    One response October 8, 2010
  • Titanium Love

    It’s been a long journey, and although not over, the remaining important bits are finally seeing closure. Namely, the exhaust. I’ve been waiting out to buy a used one from someone who said he was out of town, but would be back soon to remove and ship it to me. That ended up just being […]

    2 responses September 19, 2010
  • Labor of Love

    Continued progress on the CBR today. The main item on the list was getting the Woodcraft clip ons, Renthal grips, and CRG levers situated. In the scheme of things, this somehow took all day to do. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the clip on install, because there’s so many different things to adjust…  forward […]

    2 responses September 6, 2010
  • A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

    … must begin with a single step. I continued, today, the motif of doing various smaller tasks. Starting by taking out the stock brake pads and replacing them with a set of sintered metal Vesrah RJL pads (bottom). These are actually going into a pair of ’09 CBR1000RR monoblock calipers (more on those later). Next, […]

    One response September 5, 2010
  • One Step at a Time

    Did a few odds and ends on the CBR today. First thing I did was put back the front wheel to lower the bike. Then I removed the front intake assembly. The agenda was to gut the insides of the air intake. I didn’t take a picture of the before, but Honda included a bunch […]

    One response September 4, 2010
  • Here and There

    I continued progress on the CBR today, going through a few tasks. I’m purposely going slow with all this, not only to be meticulous, but also because I’m still waiting on some key parts… I received the body fairings last week, but I got sent the wrong stuff: ’09 upper and lowers instead of ’07-’08, […]

    One response August 30, 2010
  • Every Noble Work is at First Impossible

    Next up, it was time to get a bit more dug in. I decided to tackle the PAIR system removal. What is the PAIR system? Honda CBR’s have this valve that opens at a certain RPM and injects the exhaust port with atmospheric air. This essentially masks the real emissions coming out of the exhaust, […]

    One response August 29, 2010
  • Doing Work, Son

    When I returned home from Virginia, I was greeted with a nice box from SuperBikeSupply… and its contents inside: There’s still a handful of stuff I have not received yet, but this will keep me busy for a while. I decided to get the tire situation taken care of first, which meant taking off both […]

    No responses August 29, 2010
  • Embarking on Grandness

    I’ve been eagerly waiting this moment. Today, I got to do some wrench turning again in the garage. It was almost therapeutic because thankfully nothing went wrong. Here is my bike. Here is my bike after only an hour’s worth of work. Abdicating the nonessentials. I posted those parts up yesterday on a local Motorcycle […]

    One response August 20, 2010
  • New Bike Day

    I’ve been searching feverishly for a while now for a suitable middle-weight bike, and especially so since I sold the Ducati. A lot of searches yielded results that were either sold already, or too high in price. I think I was too tight with my budget because I wanted a deal. I’ve been looking for […]

    One response August 8, 2010